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Jiezhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and commercial laundry equipments in China for years. In 2013, Jiezhong became the only one cooperative partner of Accurate
We have a well-trained after-sale service troop, providing the specialized technical service for you.The fast response, the correct solution and good scene processing are our service objectives.Our technical service engineers are this profession experts.
We always adhere to customer demand-oriented, dedicated to improve the service level.With your witness, we will provide better service to compete with other enterprises, leading one step ahead.
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Tunnel-type Washing Machine
※ Tunnel-type Washing Machine is a natural barrier washing machine.Separating the laundry operation into a solid side and a clean side.It is more than 10 meters between the two sides. In the process of washing, pre-wash, main wash, rinse are washed in different independent clean-room.There is no cross-contamination.Enclosed washing,add detergent automatically,give full play to the chemical cleaning. Washing quality and stability: the standardization and automation of washing process completely eliminate the human factor, to ensure stable operation process.
Fully Automatic Washer Extractor
※ The automatic fully washer extractor are usually used for hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, etc. Its capacity is from 15kg to 130kg.
Automatic fully washing and extracting machine, easy to operate and it gathers the washing and extracting these two functions together. The whole machine are made of stainless steel, without rust and extend the service life of machine.
Automatic microprocessor computer control, can be programmable by any purpose
Barrier Washer
※ Our newly designed BW series isolating type of washing and de-watering machines meet the requirement of dust-free washing needs. It divides the laundry room into two separate independent operating areas, via.: "Clean" area and "Non-Clean" area. Launderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the door from the "Non-Clean" room side.
Computer-controlled, large touch screen with English operation interface, which ensure the dialogue between operator machine more convenient
Deep Chest Ironer
Deep Chest Ironer
※ Fast speed, better ironing effect
High efficiency of energy use
The attenuator, holder and the coaming are all designed and produced on heavy industry ideal.Reliable with long life.
All pipelines and the coaming are all wrapped the thermal insulation material, avoiding the heat energy outflow
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